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Re: Data rate standards vs internal switching standards

> Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 10:19:28 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Roy Bynum <RBYNUM/0004245935@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Data rate standards vs internal switching standards
> To: Ariel Hendel <Ariel.Hendel@xxxxxxxxxxx>, stds-802-3-hssg <stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx>
> Ariel,
> Actually, I am not in favor of a programmable IPG. I think that the IPG
> should be set to minimum for all frames in full duplex 10GbE. With 400
> bytes as the current average size of Internet 802.3 frames, I don't
> think that there will be enough "slop" to make up the difference
> between a 10.0 gb MAC and a 9.584 gb PHY. In the future, with more
> and more video based applications, the average size of the data frame
> will be increasing. This will only cause the MAC buffer discard rate
> to increase if the MAC and PHY are not data rate matched. I would much
> rather see the data rate be defined at the MAC, not the PHY. 

My apologies for being dense on this thread, just one last hypothetical
question for Roy. 

Would you accept a 10Gbps rate along with a variable IPG?
The IPG is just simple function of the length of the last packet sent
to guarantee that the payload rate does not exceed your OC-192 rate.

Open loop, interoperable, no pins, no thresholds, no nothing.

Would you settle for that or you still prefer the rate?