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about std802.3 spec issue

Dear Gentlmen,
    I am sorry to be presumptuous to ask you to do something for me. First, pls allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am Peter
Lin and work for VIA technology as an IC designer. I am devoted to network projects. I have troubles in reading the std802.3 and
eagerly wish your help. In Annex B.4.1 about the system jitter budget description, there is an item named 'Twisted-pair medium
with equalization'(p462 of the IEEE std802.3, 5th edition '96). I can't figure out what it means. Would you pls give me the idea
how to characterize it. And, why is the jitter spec bigger in 'short-length twisted-pair link'(6.0ns, 1.5ns in 'max-length twisted-
pair link')? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Peter Lin in Taipei