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RE: 10,000Base-Baaa

The IETF has already tackled this problem. See
.txt for full text. Unfortunately this protocol never made it to
standardisation but perhaps the time is ripe for IEEE 802 to take it up.

Note: S-O-S is best used for RANs (rural area networks) and has been
"field-trial tested" in a MAN (Montana area network). Wisconsin is next
(WAN). SHAM on the other hand is of no interest to us.

Enjoy :-)



Imaginative Draft                           Fred Butcher - Sheepsco Systems
1st April 1998                           Mike O'Deal - YewYewNet/Worldfarms
                                               Eric Sheepley - BAA Networks

                              Sheep over Sonet


Sheep are variable length animals with a tendency to wander aimlessly. 
Shepherd and dog protocols such Organising Sheep within a Particular 
Field and the Big Gate Protocol are normally applied to sheep to ensure
that they reach their intended destinations in an efficient manner. 
Hedges are field independent forwarding elements with field specific 
interfaces which run the Shepherd and Dog protocols. Sheep over hedges 
is therefore a well known technique for the controlled forwarding of 
sheep within and between Farms. Existing techniques support the direct
carriage of a variable length sheep over a field physical layer. This 
draft aims to extend this technique by the introduction of multiple 
encapsulation techniques. In particular, Sheep over Sonet is proposed 
as a particularly efficient technique for the carriage of sheep between 

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> Bad idea.  Any such attempt would get us in the middle between
> the sheepherders and the cattle ranchers.  I don't think the 
> Corrections
> people would even show up in the fight.
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> Subject: 10,000Base-B?
> Is this a call for interest for 10,000Base-B (barbed wire)?  
> We'd have to
> standardize the wire - call it CAT5B, maybe. ;)
> Shawn