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Re: AW: Deconstructing OAM&P


    Right on!

   Although coming from a farming background I would have
suggested the Department Of Agriculture.

Thomas Dineen

Shimon Muller wrote:

> > I find it ironic that many of the arguments put forth about Ethernet in
> > the WAN environment are very similar to the old arguments put forth by
> > the token ring camp about the proper way to manage a LAN environment.
> Right on Walt.
> I have been trying to keep a low profile on this reflector, but sometimes
> the temptation becomes too great.
> Personally, I strongly believe that expanding Ethernet into the WAN is a good
> thing. But, there is a limit to how far we can go before we ruin the essence
> of what Ethernet is all about. I suspect that I am not the only one in 802.3
> that feels that way...
> Quite frankly, I find the argument made by a few people that the mere fact that
> we are using fiber optics as a transmission medium for Ethernet somehow leaves
> us with no other choice but to embrace the WAN with all of its baggage, utterly
> ridiculous. Following this philosophy, if we decide to run Ethernet over barbed
> wire, we will have no choice but to move 802.3 under the auspices of the
> Department of Corrections...
>                                                         Shimon.