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Re: Please help to clarify some things!


Thank you for your reply. I think it shows the difference between what an
Ethernet person expects in the standard and what a real world installation
may be.

I purposely simplify the first drawing. Since the effect of a cable splicing
plan should be limited to a loss in power, nothing more. The protocol layer
does not see it. And the phy specification allows for such a lost.

I am trying to quantify the amount of build in support needed from HSSG-MAC
on your perceived application. So far I can see the following issues:

    1.    Bit Error Rate too high
    2.    Cable fault
    3.    Active Component failure

Since I am not a telecom person. Could you help to explain how do you
perceive a actual implementation is different from my third drawing. And any
other error you perceived will happen in a real installation other than the
3 mentioned above? I hope a picture of how it is done can help me and the
others to make a better judgement on what is needed on OAM&P.

If you want to, you may consider faxing me a sketch and I will put it in PDF
format to replace my third drawing with the proper terminology.


Henry Ngai

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Sent: Sunday, August 29, 1999 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: Please help to clarify some things!

> Henry,
> In your document, your first and second drawings are somewhat correct.  I
> that 10GbE would ever be implemented as you are showing it in your third
> drawing.  In your first drawing, you need to add a fiber plant that has
> like splice points every 5 km at most, access to the fiber cable by people
> have nothing to do with your data, and other issues.  The traditional
802.3 LAN
> environment was outgrown when full duplex 802.3 over optical transport was
> standardized.  It is even possible to take full duplex 100BaseFX over WAN
> distances with optical converters that are sold by several different
> As seen by individuals that are attempting to create manageable enterprise
> level data networks with GbE, full duplex 10Gb 802.3 is in need of
> level operations support functionality in order to grow to its true
> Thank you
> Roy Bynum
> MCI WorldCom
> Henry Ngai wrote:
> > Hello Roy,
> >
> > I have put together my thoughts on the need for HSSG Ethernet to support
> > WAN. Please take a look at my attached file and let me know what you
> > It will help me greatly in understanding your need with 10G Ethernet.
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Henry Ngai
> >
> >                Name: Oamp.pdf
> >    Oamp.pdf    Type: Portable Document Format (application/pdf)
> >            Encoding: base64