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RE: Long distance links

Paul Bottorff,

Is it true that your proposal outlined in your presentation
entitled 'Scrambled Encoding for 10GigE' at the June 99 
interim, requires either: 

  a) buffering in the PHY


  b) a 'word-by-word HOLD' mechanism ( or some other throttle )

in order to support the addition and removal of SYNC 
sequences in the data stream?  If so, could not a
'word-by-word HOLD' mechanism be used to throttle a 10.0 Gb/s
MAC PLS interface downto 9.58464?  If so, wouldn't your
requirements be met as far as baud rate/line code go for 
WAN PHYs?  Your requirements seem to be geared toward a certain
line rate in the WAN.  

Please advise if I've misstated/misrepresented anything.

Kevin Daines