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Re: Long distance links


>I still do not see the justification of everyone has to be 9,58... , instead 
>of 10.000 and 9.58... for the sake of fairness to both LAN and WAN camps.
>are an equal opportunity committee -- I believe.   

It may be true that we are an equal opprtunity committee, but the object
agreed upon by that committee states:

* Select only one of 10.000 Gbs or 9.58464 Gbs to standardize as the
MAC/PLS data rate

If you're saying you'd support a 10.000 Gbs MAC/PLS data rate with some
kind of flow control mechanism to get 9.58464 in a WAN PHY then I agree,
but you can't have both data rates unless we change the objective, right?

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