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RE: Long distance links

Title: RE: Long distance links

I'd like to address the cost issue.  In a silicon gate count, the MAC for a WAN or a LAN should be the same cost.  As for the PHY, a WAN PHY is going to be more costly than a LAN PHY if you look at the silicon gate count.  The reason for the WAN PHY being more expensive is that the PHY is not only an encoder, it is also a framer.  Where a LAN PHY would perform encoding/decoding and translation from serial-parallel, the WAN PHY must perform all that plus add overhead and perform framing, which adds complexity and cost.

I feel that a WAN PHY and a LAN PHY are required so that LAN implementations are not burdened with the added cost and complexity of overhead and framing that are required to utilize the installed WAN OC-192 base.


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