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Re: FYI - York archaeology

Title: FW: FYI - York archaeology
York is full of interesting things.  For those that have not been there, it is about the only city left in the UK with its mediaeval walls intact.  There is a student tradition of "doing the Walls of York"  which involves attempting to drink a pint of beer in every pub around the walls (warning, there are highly trained professionals, do not try this at home).  York is the home of the National Railway Museum (I think Stephenson's Rocket is there).  There is a Minster (Cathedral) from the middle ages and LOTS of history.  Lots of Romans (scribblers who left lots of clues), Vikings (they were verbal traders without a written tradition, so all we've learned about them came from their enemies - pillagers etc NOT true) and for more recent stuff, you history buffs should read up on the Wars of the Roses.
My ancestors on the other hand were usually attacking and sacking the city - or - being dragged through it in chains after some miserable battle or other :-)
Brian MacLeod
PS - Not to forget the '60s era University which is built on a marsh.  It has a big lake and weird architecture to cope with the weak subsoil and poor drainage.  If anyone makes it to the campus, please let me know if the "Goodrick Balls" are still there?
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Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 6:47 AM
Subject: FW: FYI - York archaeology

From a friend in England...  :)

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Subject: FYI - York archaeology

If you are attending the York meeting you might be interested to know that the Royal York Hotel
was featured in an archaelogical excavation shown live on UK TV last weekend. The hotel was
built on top of a Roman cemetery and part of its gardens were dug up to see what remained.
(A viking house and a medieval hospital in York were also excavated during the screening).

They didn't unearth any MMF but they did find some barbed wire, and a curious tablet inscribed

                                   VENI VIDI VICI
                                  IX . V VIII IV VI

For the real story see

Regards, Keith