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Re: Simplex links

At 9:35 AM -0700 9/2/99, Rich Taborek wrote:
>Based on Jonathan's response to my question about adding Auto-Negotiation
>as an
>HSSG objective and getting the response that Auto-Negotiation is an integral
>part of Ethernet and therefore does not require a distinct objective, if
>is done ...

Just a small point...

Auto-Negotiation is ONLY an *integral* part of Ethernet over twisted-pair
cable. A decision was made to require all future Ethernet PHYs that operate
over twisted-pair cable and that use RJ-45 style connectors to implement
Auto-Negotation. There is no "generic" Ethernet requirement that optical
PHYs support A-N; the fact that 1000BASE-X has a "mini-negotiation" is not
a requirement on all future PHYs.

If 10GbE will need some form of A-N, it needs to be put into the
requirements; it is not "presumed" to be a requirement of all 802.3

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