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Re: Please help to clarify some things!


I am not in any way suggesting a change in the way that IP based data
communications systems change the way that they do network management.  I am
stating that it will not do for the carrier transmissions systems.  Please do
not confuse the separate issues.

Customer Ethernet switches at either end of a WAN path will still use the SNMP
network management that is so common.  It may be that some transmission
equipment vendors may even be convinced to provide some SNMP visibility at the
10GbE interface on the long haul transmission line terminating or DWDM

The common service carriers will want to have something other than SNMP
available for the equipment that they own, and the element management
communications for that equipment will be carried out of band.  This is a
totally separate issue from the SNMP management of Ethernet switches.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum
MCI WorldCom

Mick Seaman wrote:

> Roy, I agree that standards that have been put in place by the
> ITU/T1/BellCore people differ from those in the IP data world. I strongly
> disagree that the IP data world does not provide an adequate framework for
> providing commercial data services that the enterprises that use them would
> regard as mission critical. So from my point of view I can fully accept that
> a difference exists as a fact but I am not in the least motivated to
> accomodate this difference by wrecking the very successful foundation that
> we have in the Ethernet world, nothing that has been said convinces me that
> the difference represents a necessity for change on our part.
> Mick
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> Mick,
> I am not complaining about unreliable network management for IP data
> services.
> I was writing about a requirement as part of the ITU/T1/BellCore standards
> that
> the network management messaging communications for transmission systems be
> fully reliable.   This is something that IP data people have not had to deal
> with.  It comes down to a simple distinction between TCP based messaging and
> based messaging.  It involves the standards for out of band network
> management
> on commercial transmission systems instead of the inband network management
> standard that is used on IP based data systems.  I have worked on both types
> of
> systems and services for years.  There is a difference.  I have been
> attempting
> to get the IP data people to realize that the standards that are in place
> for
> commercial transmission systems and services are different than those for IP
> based data systems.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
> MCI WorldCom