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Re: Long distance links


I believe that the "customer empowered networks" you are referring to, are those
where the enterprise data customer is leasing the dark fiber from a utility or
service provider.  Because there isn't a WAN compatible PHY available for GbE,
it requires a complete 802.3 data switch to regenerate the signal for long haul
systems. It means that the enterprise data customer has to get an agreement from
the utility or service provider to provide collocation space for the customer's
data switch.  It also means that the customer provides his own network
management of the fiber facility.  Over long distances, that could mean
regularly dispatching someone to the various sites to support the collocated
non-carrier data switches.  While it is technically feasible to do this, over a
period of time, this could get very expensive for enterprise data customers.
Overall cost of ownership of this type of implementation does not make it very
attractive.  I do not think that there will be too many enterprise data
customers that will be doing this for very long.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum
MCI WorldCom

"Bill St. Arnaud" wrote:

> Roy, Rich:
> I think this reflects a fundamental misunderstanding between data people and
> telco transport people.
> Yes, it is true that 10GbE data switch will not be satisfactory for
> regeneration of traditional mission critical traffic on carrier networks.
> However, we believe there is a whole new set of traffic requirements
> resulting from "customer empowered networks" where 10GbE data switches will
> be more than adequate for regeneration.
> What we are starting to witness in the marketplace  is the deployment of
> these customer empowered networks.  Some next gen carriers,  for example do
> not deploy SONET rings as a given network requirement.  Instead rings and
> the type of regeneration are a customer option.
> Bill
> Bill St. Arnaud
> Senior Director Network Projects
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> > Rich,
> >
> > I am not writing that 10GbE end systems be managed by SONET/SDH network
> > management standards.  I wrote that trying to use 10GbE data
> > switches as part of
> > the transmission service systems would not meet the standards of
> > the commercial
> > services systems. The suggestion of putting a 10GbE switch in as
> > a regenerator
> > does not meet the security, operations support, or network management
> > requirements that are in place for commercial transmission
> > equipment.  This is
> > something that IP based data people normally do not have to deal
> > with.  It is
> > easy to understand why they would not realize why a 10GbE data
> > switch would not
> > be used as a commercial service transmission regenerator.  I was simply
> > attempting to explain to them, with as few words as possible why
> > this was so.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Roy Bynum
> > MCI WorldCom
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