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MB White Paper delayed

Dear All,

Although I promised to post the MB810 White Paper within August, I
failed to do it, and I think I need some more days to finish it. I'm
sorry for this to those intersted in our proposal. I'll have it finished
before the York meeting for your review.

Meanwhile, you might want to visit our home page

where you may find most original material to be included in the White
Paper. To get a quick idea about the basic coding principle, you might
like the paper

    "K3B4 Code for High-Speed Binary Signaling Over Fiber-Optic Links"

For a more fundamental theoretical basis, have a look at

    "A Condition for Stable Mimimum-Bandwidth Line Codes"

although the description is based on ternary systems.

A brief description on MB810 itself may be found at

    "A new Line Code for 10-Gigabit Ethernet : MB810"

And if you should be interested in running the coder yourself, use the
program and the associated input file

    MB810 Encoder Program
    MB810 Code Book (Input File for program execution)

I'll try to incorporate all the material at hand, briefed, in the White
Paper, which will be posted before you leave your office for York.

Sorry for being late, and thank you for your interest in our work.


Dae Young KIM