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ramblings of a lunatic :-)

Title: ramblings of a lunatic :-)

As I see it today, we currently have 5 distance objectives, and we have a proposal for an objective of 2 PHYs (WAN and LAN).  I don't believe that the distances have to be related to the type of PHY, and I'd prefer that we don't do that.  We are still in the phase of realizing all the possibilities that can be incorporated into this standards effort.  If someone was to present a LAN PHY/PMD combination that could meet the 40 km distance objective, then I would like for that to remain in the scope of our work.  It may also turn out that the PHY/PMD that meets the 100m over installed MMF objective is the same as the PHY/PMD that meets the 300m over MMF objective.

I believe that our focus going into the York meeting has to be on creating a list of objectives, not a list of implementations, that are realistic and focus our scope of work, and to draft a PAR and 5 criteria.  I think Howard's proposal has created a giant leap forward for this group to be able to close on our list of objectives and get down to the intense work of drafting the PAR and 5 criteria.