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New Material on MB810 for York

Dear all,

We have just posted two of our material on MB810 to be submitted to the
York meeting:

    - MB810 Presentation at the Sept HSSG Meeting

    - White Paper on the MB810 Line Code for 10GbE

They are to be found at

under "New" highlight button.

The first is a "Performance and Implementations Update to MB810" with

    We present simulation and experiments results with MB810. By
lowering the cutoff frequency of LPF, we confirmed superior survival
capability of  MB810 coded stream over NRZ.  We also confirmed the
asserted power spectral property by experiment. The BER test of MB810
coded stream was done after passing through LPF of a Nyquist cutoff,
which resulted in virtually error free transmission. We also give
implementation and VHDL simulation results.  The gate number required
for MB810 encoder is estimated to be under 20K.

The second is our white paper on MB810 with abstract:

    This paper describes a new line code called MB810 proposed for use
with 10GbE being standardized by IEEE 802.3. The key feature of
the code is that it preserves many good code properties of the
8B10B code, a 1GbE standard and a strong candidate even for 10GbE,
and yet consumes half the bandwidth. The theoretical background,
design principles, performance characteristics, and implementation
issues are given.

Both are just submitted to Mr. David Law, so I hope harp copies will
also be available at York.

I feel sorry that the white paper is quite late, but I hope this one
week advance will leave you just enough time to have a quick look at it.

Enjoy your reading and feel free to feedback any questions and comments
to me.

Thank you all for your interest.


Dae Young