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Re: Supporting Installed Fibre


Another alternative...

	"12.5 Gbit/s data rate fiber transmission using Single-mode
	selectively oxidised GaAs VCSELs at $\labmda$ = 850nm"

	F. Mederer, C. Jung, R. Jager, M. Kichner, R. Michalzik,
	P. Schnitzer, D. Wieenmann and K. Ebeling
	University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany.

	Abstract: We demonstrate 12.5Gbit/s data rate fiber transmission 
	using high-performance single-mode GaAs VCSELs with 12.3 GHz 
	modulation bandwidth. The bit-error rates remain better than 10^-11
	for transmission of PRBS signals over 100m graded index multimode
	fiber or 1km single-mode fiber.

I noted the paper in the LEOS '99 Advance program.


jay.hoge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The alternative to WWDM is probably a multi-level coding scheme (dibits or
> quadbits per baud), which will reduce the baud rate to a managable
> frequency. Transcendata is working on such a system. Others may be looking
> at alternative coding schemes as well.
> The disadvantage of this approach is that the IC's become very complex.
> Reletive to WWDM, this is also the charm, as the IC's will be subject to
> Moore's law, while the passive optics, plus 4X the number of devices, IC's
> etc. of WWDM will probably not.
> It seems unlikely to me that the H-P WWDM will conform to the pricing
> your customers expect.  I think waiting a little while before we make a
> comittment might yield a scheme which better meets your customers
> expectations.

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