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300m on installed MMF

Hello 10Giga'ers:

The presentation "300 meters on installed MMF", to be
given in the coming November 99 meeting, can be found
in the new directory that David Law has opened:

300 meters link length provides an optimum coverage
of the installed multimode fiber. I think that this objective
can be reached at a reasonable cost using present and mature
technologies if we keep the maximum baud rate at 1.25 Gbaud/s,
the same rate as 1 GbE. The reuse of an existing PCS of
another Ethernet standard (802.3ab) will also shorten
considerably the development time within the Task Force.

The presentation is divided into three parts.

Part I, "Architectures", describes link modeling and
comparison of  3 architectures:

   1) PAM-5 + scrambling + 4-WDM @ 1.25 Gbaud/s
   2) PAM-2 + 8b/10b + 4-WDM @ 3.125 Gbaud/s
   3) PAM-5 + scrambling + serial @ 5 Gbaud/s

Part II, "BERs and RINs", calculates the BER vs
SNR of the architecture at 1.25 Gbaud/s, including
both thermal noise and RIN.

Part III, "Link Simulations", presents detailed simulation
results of the  architecture @ 1.25 Gbaud/s, including the
complete Tx and Rx PCS in the simulation, i.e., the
complete link.


Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
San Jose, CA 95131
email: kardontchik.jaime@xxxxxxxxxxx