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Parameters used for link simulation


In the presentation that you submitted for the November plenary meeting,
addressing the link model update, on page 6 you show the effects of the
chirp in the system.

The numbers that you quote for the ISI penalty seem too high to me. At the
same time, you did not provide enough information about your other
parameters in the simulation, like the receiver bandwidth. I have two
questions for you:

1. Why did you choose rise time of 70 ps for a 12.5 GBd link (I presume
that the time interval is 80 ps)?
2. What is the receiver bandwidth?

I would expect  that you get ISI penalty of 2 dB with a RX bandwidth of ~7

If I am wrong about the time interval, I still have to understand why do
you have to incur the 2 dB ISI penalty in the system at lower speeds.

Can you please clarify your chart?



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