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FW: Subject: Survey of lengths of installed optical fiber cable

My understanding is that there has been a very low return rate thus far to
the fiber surve. If you are still pulling together the data for your
company, please try to get something in so that it can be compiled prior to
the meeting. If you are not, and no-one else in your company is, please get
someone started....
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From: Chris DiMinico [mailto:cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 6:55 AM
To: stds-802-3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Subject: Survey of lengths of installed optical fiber cable

The following email is sent on behalf of Goeff Thompson, Chair of 802.3 by
HSSG Fiber Survey Ad Hoc:

September 27, 1999
To: IEEE 802.3 Members 
From: Geoff Thompson, Chair IEEE 802.3 
Subject: Survey of lengths of installed optical fiber cable
Characterization of the lengths and types of installed optical fiber cable
is an item of critical
importance to the development of the higher speed 802.3 standard (~10 Gb/s).
The attached
survey is designed to capture the information necessary to determine the
installed cabling lengths
 in order to specify appropriate physical layer specifications for the
higher speed standard.
We are requesting that each 802.3 member ask a network manager  in his/her
own company
(on a coordinated basis that results in one response per company) to fill in
the following 
attached survey. 
For 802.3 members who are employees of network equipment vendors, we ask in 
addition that you request that one or more of your customers take the time
to fill in the survey.
Criteria for participation:

+ OTDR length data on installed links (or equivalent detailed data e.g.,
where the 
   lengths had been recorded from the cable length marks).
+ A minimum of 500 network nodes
Your participation is greatly appreciated. The goal is to present the survey
results at our
 next plenary meeting which is scheduled for the week of 8 November in
To meet that deadline, the survey response is required by October 29th. 
Forward completed surveys to Chris Di Minico, Mohawk/CDT ( cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ).
The survey documentation is located on the 802.3 web site at the following
Geoff's cover letter:
Survey document:

Survey spreadsheet:

LBL survey example:

Best Regards,
Geoff Thompson (geoff_thompso@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), Chair IEEE