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Agenda; Presenter List -- Check your name...

Included is a first pass at the agenda. Included are the names of the
presenters requesting times. If you think that you are presenting, please
check to make sure your name is on the list and the information is correct.

This will not be the actual order (it is just the order I pulled the
information out of the e-mails).

As everyone can see, we will have a very full couple of days. Note that this
agenda does not include motion madness (where we will spend time resolving
and issues from other 802.X groups in our PAR and 5 Criteria), breaks,
meals, etc. We will probably have to slice into some of the times for the
longer presentations.

The major goals for the meeting are:
1. Get the PAR approved.
2. Get the PAR approved.
3. Get the PAR approved.
4. Start to consolidate our thinking on what 10 Gig E should be.
5. Organize for the Jan meeting.

Remember that there will be a Tutorial on Monday night to introduce our work
to the 802 group at large.

Hope you all have a safe trip to Kauai.


Jonathan Thatcher "jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Vice President Product Marketing, Picolight Incorporated
4665 Nautilus Court South, Suite 3, Boulder CO 80301
Phone: 303-530-3189 X238; Fax: 303-530-4897 

Nov99 Agenda.xls