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I have some questions based on my reading
of your latest posting and the presentations 
you cited.  In one of the studies, a mention 
was made of multi-level optical transmission.
Is this a misread on my part?

Pat Gilliland


At 06:54 PM 11/14/99 -0800, you wrote:
>The purpose of this note is to clear up confusion regarding Hari, a
>proposed 4-lane serial interface for 10 GbE and train-up sequences.
>It should be clear that NO TRAINING SEQUENCES are proposed for Hari.
>Both the "Hari Coding Objectives" presentation
>and "Word Striping on Multiple Serial Lanes"
>make a point of noting that no train-up is required Hari to deskew.
>The Hari Coding Objectives proposal uses the standard Idle sequence
>proposed by Howard Frazier of Cisco to deskew multiple parallel lanes
>while simultaneously acquiring code-group synchronization on all lanes.
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