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RE: Hari and train-up sequences

I need some clarification here.  Are you proposing a link initialization for
the Hari?  If so, are you also proposing a link initialization for the local
device to link partner connection?  If you're proposing both, then are you
proposing to have 3 stages of link initialization?  If so, I believe that
this may add more complexity than we need to deal with.


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	That's right. The deskew logic can made easier. If it looks for 
	Link codes which come every N idles, where N = 4 for example, 
	the window is bigger than deskewing off of idles. And there is a
	beginning and end to the deskew period.


	> Note that both the Hari byte-striping and word-striping proposals
	> from the definition of a link initialization sequence.
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