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RE: Hari and train-up sequences

What was specified, worked.  What was not specified, had problems.  Funny
how that happens. :-)  But seriously, the auto-negotiation mechanism as
specified in the standard worked correctly.  It was the things outside the
scope of the standard (i.e. management layer functions), that screwed up on
things like duplex and remote fault.  So you are correct in saying that the
mechanism isn't flawed, but its use is.  That's the crux of question, does
the HSSG foresee any use of this information.  If not, we don't need the


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> From:	JR Rivers [SMTP:jrrivers@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	Thursday, November 18, 1999 1:14 PM
> To:	Booth, Bradley; HSSG
> Subject:	RE: Hari and train-up sequences
> If it didn't work, then it may not have been specified correctly.  I
> presume that most people were able to get 8b10b coding to work.  I would
> imagine that they also got other components of the autonegotiation process
> (like link speed, duplex, etc) to work.  If I'm correct, then it seems
> that
> the mechanism isn't flawed, but rather its use :-)
> JR