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Re: 10 GbE en MASse PMD, Historically...


100BASE-TX was not a case of "engineered brand new technology"

We stole it fair and square from FDDI (TP-PMD). Perhaps you were thinking
of 100BASE-T4 or 100BASE-T2 both of which were new technology but didn't
make it in the market.

You could argue 10BASE-T either way. There was extensive proprietary
product out there (LattisNet-UTP) and the group had already done work on 1
Mb/s StarLAN (1BASE5) but the signaling was a new design, the last one that
we have done that was a success. The jury is still out on 1000BASE-T.

At 02:51 AM 11/19/99 -0800, Rich Taborek wrote:
>> 1.  Historically, Ethernet has utilized the optical
>>     technologies developed by at least several companies
>>     with some key fielded product.
>That may well be true for Ethernet, but only because all Ethernet optical
>technologies to date have been leveraged from other standards. In other
>such as 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T, 802 has engineered brand new
technologies to
>field a standard. History and tradition are all well and fine, but
certainly not
>the rule for Ethernet. Note also that WWDM is a new technology, not
fielded in
>general, and certainly not by many companies.

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