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Re: HARI Systems Design

Agreed.  The newer low loss dielectrics allow for amazing signalling behaviors.


At 06:12 AM 11/24/99 -0600, Joel Goergen wrote:
>Ed and others that agree with Ed's statement below .....
>I have and always will disagree with the statement below.  You assume the 
>car can
>not be improved every year, but it is.  You assume network equipment will 
>have no
>more features next year, but they will.  I believe it is called progress.
>I work very closely with the pcb industry and it has always facinated me that
>designers and qualifiers hurt themselves by over-looking 'innovative
>Your world of board design hasn't changed in years because you have chosen 
>not to
>change it.  I bet some thought fiber would never change, yet don't we now 
>have a
>newer grade of mm?
>It is absolutely untrue that pcb geometry is a mature technology.  The real
>technology, well, that is yet to come.
>So, I assume we agree to disagree.
>NetWorthTK@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Joel:
>> Thanks for comment.  I believe the circuit issue is equally important to the
>> other issues.  Therefore, I think I should clear some disagreements we have.
>> The PC board layout technology is a mature technology, and the people
>> involved in the PCB business are all familiar with all the pros and cons of
>> issues.  The issue here is more of the cost-effective issue than the
>> technical feasibility issue.