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Re: Hari Byte vs. Word Striping

Sorry, I forgot to fill out the details of criteria #14 prior to sending the note out.
Here it is:

14) Patent Protection:

Word-Striping: US Patent 5570356: High bandwidth communications system having multiple
serial links
Inventors: Finney, Damon W. , San Jose, CA; Jenkins, Michael O. , San Jose, CA;
Rayfield, Michael J. , Tucson, AZ
Assignee: IBM Corp.
Issue Date: Oct. 29, 1996
Abstract: A data communication system includes a phase splitting circuit to split a high
speed parallel data word into a number of individual parallel data bytes, a byte
multiplexor for each of the phases of a phase splitting circuit, encoding and
serialization circuits for converting each byte such as an 8-bit byte to an encoded form
suitable for serial transmission such as by employing the Widmer et al. 8-bit/10-bit
code, transmitting each encoded byte across one of a number of serial transmission links
to a receiving device where the data is deserialized and decoded to recover the original
byte which is then synchronized by a byte synchronization circuit. The byte
synchronization circuits are then coupled to a word synchronization circuit where the
original high bandwidth data word is recovered and transmitted on an internal high speed
parallel bus within the receiving device.

Byte-Striping: None known.

Advantage: Byte-Striping.

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