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I think we are all well aware that you have a beef with HARI, but I
for one would very much appreciate it if you would stop with the
people bashing.  This is extreemly unprofessional, and has a negative
impact on 802.3.

Statements like that below are quite inflamatory, and serve only
to enrage, not to enlighten.

You act like the people that were RECRUITED to assist in the development
of 802.3z were some type of snakes that need to be "driven out".  I
can only hope that you do not see yourself as a self-appointed 
St. Patrick.

Yes, I am quite obviously one of these vile and disgusting people that
you see as a corrupting force on the IEEE standards process.  And I'm
sure that it makes no difference whatsoever to you that I, and numerous
other people with ties to NCITS T11, were specifically ASKED to assist
in the 802.3z development process.

As technical editor for both clauses 38 and 39, I put in untold hours
working to generate the best damn standard I could.  Neither I nor
my company have received any financial benefit from my efforts on
802.3z, since we do not create products that are specific to any
portions of 802.3z implementations. I was there ONLY for the benefit
of the standards process, because I BELIEVE in that process.

I was not alone in this development effort either.  I was privledged 
enough to work under the direction of long-time 802.3 members, who 
were kind enough to show a neophyte the proper way to develop an 
802.3 standard.  Since they held to a nearly impossible timeline,
I believe their management and direction efforts to be worthy of
priase, not the distain that you have shown.

When I responded to your last tirade, I requested only that you use
your expertice to educate, so that the 802.3ae development might also
follow a fair and efficient process and generate a standard with
equal success to 802.3z.  Instead, you revert to name calling and 
deragoatory comments.

I respectfully ask that you appologize to ALL the members of 802.3
and their assocated development committies, and restrict your future
comments to those of technical nature.


Ed Grivna
Cypress Semiconductor

> Daniel,
> I guess I am frustrated by the Hari association introducing a PHY 
> predatory device interconnect, driving out of the FC group that came 
> to power within 802.3 under GbE.  Please see my comments highlighted.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum