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Re: Moratorium on Hari Discussion

why?  while i haven't followed every last word, and while there may be some unusual
behind-the-scenes discussion, i (for one) haven't seen a serious problem.

Jonathan Thatcher wrote:

> At the mutual request of Geoff Thompson and myself, we would like to ask all
> parties to abide a temporary moratorium on all reflector discussion
> regarding Hari. I have requested that Geoff intervene and mediate this
> discussion.
> We understand that this is highly irregular (and in at least my experience,
> unprecedented).
> Unfortunately, Geoff is temporarily (hardware issues) unable to access the
> reflector messages, and unable to bring himself up to speed. The moratorium
> is therefore requested until such time as Geoff can capture the gist of the
> "discussion," contact the various participants, and attempt to resolve the
> non-technical issues blocking our path to progress.
> Respectfully,
> Jonathan Thatcher