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RE: Moratorium on Hari Discussion

Generally, it is the purpose of the reflector to assist the HSSG in the
furthering of its business. It is primarily intended to host technical
discussion and information of general interest to the committee. It is, if
you will, an extension of the meetings for the purpose of continuing work
between sessions.

Unlike the meetings, where there is a chair and a body of membership present
to monitor the proceedings in real time, it is a forum that relies on the
etiquette of the users to make sure that no discussion is "out of order" or
"generally objectionable." To permit discussion which is "out of order" or
"generally objectionable" is to risk having the right to use such a tool
revoked. This would hamper the progress of the committee to a large degree.
It also risks driving away skilled and talented people who have no desire to
participate in an abusive environment.

If this were not sufficient, I have been reminded that to allow abusive
language of any kind carries with it potential criminal implications to me,
the company I work for, and the IEEE. While I do not believe that we have
arrived at that point (remember, ultimately I wouldn't be the one making
this determination), our vector is certainly in the wrong direction. The
respectful, dignified, technical discussions, which have been an earmark of
previous 802.3 communications, should be our modus operandi. I believe that
anything less is unacceptable. The work of doing 10 Gig Ethernet will be
sufficiently difficult even under ideal conditions. We need to make the
conditions as ideal as possible.


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> Subject: Re: Moratorium on Hari Discussion
> why?  while i haven't followed every last word, and while there
> may be some unusual
> behind-the-scenes discussion, i (for one) haven't seen a serious problem.
> --
> jmw
> Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
> > At the mutual request of Geoff Thompson and myself, we would
> like to ask all
> > parties to abide a temporary moratorium on all reflector discussion
> > regarding Hari. I have requested that Geoff intervene and mediate this
> > discussion.
> >
> > We understand that this is highly irregular (and in at least my
> experience,
> > unprecedented).
> > Unfortunately, Geoff is temporarily (hardware issues) unable to
> access the
> > reflector messages, and unable to bring himself up to speed.
> The moratorium
> > is therefore requested until such time as Geoff can capture the
> gist of the
> > "discussion," contact the various participants, and attempt to
> resolve the
> > non-technical issues blocking our path to progress.
> >
> > Respectfully,
> >
> > Jonathan Thatcher