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Warning: Deadly Computer Virus is Circulating via E-Mail

Added information at bottom.

At 5:38 PM 99/11/29, Bhavesh Patel wrote:
>Hi All,
>This afternoon my machine contracted new virus called W32/
>This virus sent out email to few of the people who sent me emails in the
>past with zipped_files.exe attachment.
>It might have following as email text body.
>"I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP. Till then,
>                  take a look at the attached zipped docs. "
>Please don't open this file or email and delete it. You might want to
>contact your IT department for your computer check and company network. I
>have also included following URL address from Network Associates that has
>additional information.

There is a nasty new virus resembling on the loose, as reported
in "Deadly Computer Virus is Circulating via E-Mail", (Wall Street Journal,
1 Dec 99, page B14).  This new virus uses the same text line as, quoted above, but is called "Explorepak".  On WinTel machines,
the virus finds and zeros out files having the file extensions of Microsoft
Office applications, such as ~.doc.

It does not appear to afflict Macintosh and UNIX boxes (unless they are
using a Windows emulator?).

Joe Gwinn, a relieved Mac user.