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T1X1.5 proposal for mapping Ethernet into SONET

For all of those that would like to look at the T1X1.5 documents that
caused such a fuss at the end of the 802.3 Plenary in Hawaii, TI has now
posed them on a public WEB site.  Here are the URLs: , and .  Please, everyone that has
an interest and would want to vote on any issue regarding these
documents, please download them and read them.  The issue of mapping
802.3 Ethernet MAC frames in SONET/SDH will not go away.  I personally
think that the 802.3 WG should have some say in how 802.3 Ethernet MAC
frames are mapped in any transmission PHY.  For this reason I recommend
that where possible, the 802.3 WG respond to liaison correspondence in
such a way as to influence, either positive, or negative, any proposals
that involve 802.3 Ethernet MAC frame mapping.  It was to this end that
the letter that was presented in Hawaii was drafted.  I think that after
reading the documents from T1X1.5, most of 802.3 will agree with the
drafted letter.  I intend to request that the issue be un-tabled and
discussed at the next 802.3 meeting.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum