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Re: Moratorium on Hari Discussion NO LONGER


At my request...
At 08:51 PM 11/29/99 -0800, Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
>At the mutual request of Geoff Thompson and myself, we would like to ask all
>parties to abide a temporary moratorium on all reflector discussion
>regarding Hari. I have requested that Geoff intervene and mediate this
>We understand that this is highly irregular (and in at least my experience,
>Unfortunately, Geoff is temporarily (hardware issues) unable to access the
>reflector messages, and unable to bring himself up to speed. The moratorium
>is therefore requested until such time as Geoff can capture the gist of the
>"discussion," contact the various participants, and attempt to resolve the
>non-technical issues blocking our path to progress.

Since that time I have been able to get back to my office, overcome my
broken hardware problem and more or less catch up on my back e-mail
regarding HSSG.

I have had an opportunity to talk to a couple of people on the phone. I
have had a chance to catch up and, I think, folks have had an opportunity
to rededicate their focus to the considerable technical issues we have
before us.

The "temporary moratorium on all reflector discussion regarding Hari" is
hereby over. I welcome constructive examination of the technical issues by
our members and by guests to our forum. I would remind our guest that they
are just that. Membership in this group is granted on the basis of
attendance and contribution at our meetings. To join us at our next meeting
please see:

Thank you for indulging me during my period of communications handicap.

Best regards,

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