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Well I've read Roy Bynum's email and the two WORD documents which were
linked and downloaded from an ITU FTP site.  Interesting stuff and thanks
for the link.  However, I am confused as I don't see any mention of the
problems of mapping from the plesiochronous clock domains of Ethernet (up
to +/- 100 ppm) into a Synchronous Hierarchy.

Of course, there are also issues with Inner Packet Gap shrinkage which
might cause some problems for the newly defined IPG/Preamble frame.

A long time ago there was an ANSI effort started to map FDDI frames into
SONET.  100BASE-X directly follows from the physical layer aspects of FDDI.
Anyway, Raj Jain's "FDDI Handbook" discusses this whole clocking issue and
the necessary adding and subtracting of bits.

I'm probably missing something here, but as it stands, I'm confused.

Tom Gandy
Industrial Catalyst