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RE: Hari Byte vs. Word Striping

Tis true, I was indeed infected. There was no evidence that this made it to
the HSSG or anyone associated with the HSSG. Your message indicates

My apologies to all.

I knew the footprint and should have caught it. Unfortunately, it came in as
forwarded from my old machine at Picolight embedded in an other note. I
never thought I would receive a virus from me. Dumb.

When the zip file opened, it attached itself to the EXPLORE routine (I don't
know if you can stop it by killing that routine or not, I found out too
late). The WORM destroys all .doc; .ppt; .xls; and a couple of other files
types that I don't have. Because my old 802.3z framemaker files are .doc,
they were trashed also. Fortunately, because of my recent move, the vast
majority of these were backed up. Others at my organization were not so

NORTON and McAfee both have updates that will find the virus. I understand
that NORTON will detect it on incoming mail. I don't know about McAfee doing
this (and don't especially want to test it!).


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Subject: RE: Hari Byte vs. Word Striping

Hi Jonathan,

I guess I will be one of hundreds to point this out to you but you appear to
infected by the virus (I have not run the attached file
find out and have deleted it from my reply). From the information I know I
this virus you may have suffered other nasty feature such as it deleting
I only can hope this has not happened to you.

Bye for now,

"Jonathan Thatcher" <jonathan.thatcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 04/12/99

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Subject:  RE: Hari Byte vs. Word Striping

Hi !
I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP.
Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs.