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Re: tone and email

i have been on the net since '88, and have participated in many different
newsgroup discussions in one or another kind of forum throughout that time.

from that experience, i can offer this observation:

1. all that you have in front of you is another piece of ASCII, and it is a very poor 
medium for communicating tone of voice, facial expression, body language, or 
anything having to do with physical context.  though it can be attempted, it is 
also very difficult to adequately express laughter, disgust, indifference, boredom, 
strong interest, and so on, without having to spell it all out in painful detail.

2. though many seem to believe they can infer a great deal, the most you can hope 
to get from reading anything here is a very thin slice of personality.

for the most part, i prefer not to spend time on inference and instead focus attention
on precisely was is said.

At 17:00 30-12-1999 +0000, jay.hoge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I agree with you, but, in addition, would like to point out that voting
>status on 10GBE matters in discussion by the IEEE depends on attendance;
>not on participation over the Internet. Argue all you want, but the people
>who come have the final say.
>Happy New Year. See you in Dallas.