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RE: IEEE 802 Jan 00 Interim Meeting

The direction to the hotel can be found at the hotel web site <>

Paul Kolesar

From:  Larry Miller [SMTP:ldmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:  Thursday, January 13, 2000 5:10 PM
To:  Rogers, Shawn; 'stds-802-3-pwrviamdi@xxxxxxxx';
'stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx'; 'stds-802-3-trunking@xxxxxxxx';
Subject:  Re: IEEE 802 Jan 00 Interim Meeting

I haven't seen any directions from DFW to the hotel. There doesn't seem to
be a shuttle bus, according to our travel desk. 

Any help here? 


Larry Miller 

At 03:26 PM 1/13/00 -0600, Rogers, Shawn wrote:  

	IEEE 802 Jan 00 Interim Meeting  

	To all, I've had a number of calls from people who want to register
to attend the meeting next week here in Dallas.  While I briefly pondered
whether I could make some money on the side charging a registration fee, the
truth is there is no registration required for the meeting.  You just show
up and participate.  No secret handshake.  No decoder ring (the Agilent guys
may provide one for 64b/66b someday, but not now).  And above all no
entrance fee.  


	BTW, if anyone would like to by a few hundred power strips at deep
discount after the meeting, let me know. :-)  

	Shawn Rogers,   PMP  
	Serial Gigabit Products Dev. Mgr.  
	Texas Instruments/ 12500 TI Boulevard  
	M/S 8732/ Dallas, Texas 75243  
	Tel: 214-480-2678, Fax: 214 761-6954 Pager: 972-597-1803