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Re: PMD Evaluation Criteria

Here is a resend of the note containing the set of criteria assembled for the
evaluation of PHYs proposed for 10 GbE in York, UK in September, 1999:

- Rate ability to meet the broadest set of applications & distance/fiber
type objectives
- A working prototype of a PHY is available by completion of Sponsor
Ballot (meets MDI specs)
- Relative cost comparison - short/long term
- Qualitative Reliability (e.g. MTBF, etc.)
- Time to standardization, Time to market
- Multiple vendor supply available by completion of Sponsor Ballot


And now... my 2 cents on what it all means:

- The criteria is in no particular order other than that generated on a
- Several items were non controversial, others were not. The
controversial ones: reliability, multi vendor
- The list is independent of any implied, suggested, or future objective
to specify two PHYs as an HSSG objective
- Brian Lemoff, HP, suggested that the criteria be used qualitatively by
voters to determine their own support for particular PHY alternatives
- I chaired the meeting with co-chair Walt Thirion. No sub-task-force is
established, but if one is, I will abdicate the throne to Walt due to my
personal support for one specific PHY proposal. Walt is perceived as
being more neutral.
- The list is NOT closed, please feel free to discuss it over this
reflector. Glaring omissions are invited
- Each item will be clarified in time. I am assuming that the criteria
will be voted upon at a later date (Nov?)

P.S. I no longer consider myself partial to a specific PMD proposal (MAS) due to
my recent employment change.

Vipul Bhatt wrote:
> Rich,
> Can you send me (again!) the PMD Evaluation Criteria file? Thanks,
> Vipul
> vipul.bhatt@xxxxxxxxxxx
> (408)548-0813


Best Regards,
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