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RE: spreadsheet for MMF


I attended that PMD meeting, and I don't remember any madness. What
I remember is that a group of sophisticated HSSG members deliberated
for more than two hours before raising their fingers to take a
position. They did so with full knowledge that the whole process,
however easy to criticize, was somewhat informative and therefore




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> Subject: spreadsheet for MMF
> Hello 10Giga'ers,
> I was not able to attend the Dallas meeting. Hence,
> I was lucky I missed the motion and straw-poll madness
> of last Thursday.
> The proposals in the spreadsheet can be cataloged into
> three categories:
>         1) proposals that use new high-speed fiber
>            and lasers ("serial at 10/12.5 Gbaud")
>         2) proposals that use new ribbon fiber
>         3) proposals that reuse the installed MMF
> The proposals targetted at the reuse of the installed
> MMF fiber will enable the successful transition of the
> existing networks from 1 GbE to 10 GbE. Hence, they
> complement the proposals in the other categories.
> For future polls to be meaningful we need first an
> in-depth technical discussion and comparison of the
> different proposals. Thursdays' madness is not the adequate
> framework to do this.
> A start towards this discussion is a technical spreadsheet.
> I enclose a short pdf file to begin filling this gap in the
> third category of proposals (installed MMF).
> The feasibility/economical viability  of some of the
> architectures is still under an interrogation mark.
> Some proposals, specially those based on PAM-5 modulation,
> need more time, but I think that there will be enough
> time from here till July 2001 (before the LMSC ballot)
> to answer all the questions and pass or fail the proof
> of actual prototypes.
> Jaime
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