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Re: Membership on an 802.3ae Reflector

You may wish to add the following sort of text...
"Membership in the 802.3ae Task Force is granted to those who attend
meetings. Additional subscriptions to the reflector are at the whim and
discretion of the chair."

At 07:13 PM 2/5/00 -0600, Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
>Per plan at the Dallas meeting, the 802.3ae reflector policy is published
>here and will be placed on the "welcome message" for all 802.3ae reflectors.
>The 802.3ae Reflector is provided to the members of 802.3ae for the benefit
>of moving the work of the Task Force (TF) forward.
>Communications are expected to be respectful, dignified, and germane to the
>work of the TF.
>The reflector is not a “free speech” forum. Subscriptions are granted by the
>TF to further its purposes and may be revoked for inappropriate
>communications. These include, but are not limited to: recruiting,
>advertising, soliciting, spamming, flaming, whining, and disparaging
>individuals or companies.
>The chair shall enforce this policy.
>David, please copy this note to all current reflectors (even those that are
>inactivated) and have this policy placed on the "welcome messages."
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