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RE: Membership on an 802.3ae Reflector

Under IEEE rules, the entire world population could attend a standards 
meeting, participate, shape the debate and vote.  It is not a practical 
scenario but in an open system, it is the theoretical ideal.  In a physical 
meeting, the debate sometimes takes directions that are inappropriate.  It 
is the function of the chair to control this debate and limit excess.  The 
web reflector case is no different.  The need to police a reflector in 
addition to the other tasks of chairing a Task Force may be burdensome but 
it's part of the job.  If we need to lighten the burden, we could appoint 
"reflector chairs" in the same way we pass the chair in a physical meeting.

If we limit participation in the reflector, we run the risk of creating a 
mis-perception.  It is a well-known form of "gerrymandering" to move 
discussions behind closed doors in government.  This has often been done in 
democracies when the formal debate chamber adopts complete openness.  By 
having an "open" meeting but a "closed" reflector we run the risk of 
creating this perception.  We also dis-enfranchise many who can not afford 
the cost of participation by travelling to the meetings.

The strength of IEEE Standards efforts lies in the openness of the system 
and adherence to a set of rules.  Lets keep our reflectors open.


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From:	Jonathan Thatcher [SMTP:jonathan.thatcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:	Saturday, February 05, 2000 5:14 PM
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Cc:	David Law; Geoffrey O. Thompson
Subject:	Membership on an 802.3ae Reflector

Per plan at the Dallas meeting, the 802.3ae reflector policy is published
here and will be placed on the "welcome message" for all 802.3ae 


The 802.3ae Reflector is provided to the members of 802.3ae for the benefit
of moving the work of the Task Force (TF) forward.

Communications are expected to be respectful, dignified, and germane to the
work of the TF.

The reflector is not a "free speech" forum. Subscriptions are granted by 
TF to further its purposes and may be revoked for inappropriate
communications. These include, but are not limited to: recruiting,
advertising, soliciting, spamming, flaming, whining, and disparaging
individuals or companies.

The chair shall enforce this policy.


David, please copy this note to all current reflectors (even those that are
inactivated) and have this policy placed on the "welcome messages."



Jonathan Thatcher, Gigabit Evangelist
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