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Re: Bounced message from Colin Mick <ckm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

SO why did this bounce?

At 10:03 PM 2/9/00 +0000, David Law wrote:

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>From: Colin Mick <ckm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: reflector et al
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>I agree with both Howard and Brian than an open reflector is essential.
>The sheer magnitude of content presented on this reflector is a major
>problem to new members and, probably, to many of us who are observing but
>not actively participating in the discussion. The problem is only going to
>get worse.
>It would be extremely helpful to all but the rabidly enthusiastic (and
>eclectic, given the range of proposals I've seen) if some one or some group
>spent some time preparing and maintaining an organized summary/history of
>events. Simpler projects have made do--sort of--with archives (e.g., the
>two inches of paper we distributed for Fast Ethernet and the email archives
>we started during the gigabit project) but this one is too complex and has
>too many options and far too much content already.
>It would behoove the task force to create an organized archive/history
>now--both as an aid to folks who will be joining this conference in the
>future and as an aid to other 802 and sponsor ballot folks who will have to
>vote on this project at some time in the future.
>Then again, there is always that chance that the group may go down a blind
>alley and have to back up and consider other options. In such a case a
>detailed map of your journey might prove invaluable.