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RE: PAM-5, what are your BERs ?

At 09:53 AM 28-02-2000 -0600, Vivek Telang wrote:
>The implementation of a DSP-based system (including a 6-bit ADC) at 5GHz in CMOS is a different matter altogether, and I am eagerly awaiting Oscar's presentation at the March meeting.

for what it is worth, a multi-GSPS, monolithic CMOS ADC was presented just
under a year ago at a conference in Japan.  the author's name was Bill Ellersick,
i don't know whether i can get a copy of the paper.  

if memory serves, the point of the exercise was to explore one or more methods
of constructing ultra-fast ADCs in CMOS and not necessarily to demonstrate 
performance aspects such as 'vanishingly small BER'.  nevertheless, the effort is 
worth noting for MAS development.


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