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Call for presentations; rough agenda

As usual, requests for presentation time are due by Wed, the 1st. PDF versions of the presentations should be uploaded to David Law (see Cc:) by the 1st. Be ready to download presentations from the web site on the fourth. I fully realize that everyone would like to be able to present to the entire committee. This isn't going to happen. If you have a presentation that spans the segments defined below, it should be divided into multiple presentations.
No, I don't expect the segmentation between groups to be simple to do. Yes, there is a great deal of overlap. No, we can't make much progress unless we figure out how to do this effectively. Yes, we have put it off much longer than we did in 1 Gig. No, we can't put it off any longer.
Rough Agenda
Monday: 802 and 802.3 opening plenaries
    a.m. 802.3ae opening -- all together. General business, planning for the meeting, presentations of general interest (especially coding)
    p.m. Split into 2 groups: PMD (PMA), and all others
    a.m. Continue as split group
    p.m. 802.3ae closing -- reports from 2 groups; motions; planning for May.
    802.3 and 802 closing plenaries
Reminder about requests for presentation time:

Requesting Presentation Time:
Presenter shall request time by Wednesday of the week preceding the presentation from the appropriate chair or sub-chair via direct email or using the reflector. Provide the following information:

Name of presenter
Title of presentation
Length of time requested
Brief description of topic

If the schedule is missed, time will be provided on a best-can-do effort following the completion of the regular agenda (or as deemed appropriate by the chair or sub-chair).

Uploading Presentations to the Web:
Presenter shall send a PDF, soft copy version of the presentation to the “Web Master” by Wednesday of the week preceding the presentation for publication to the 802.3 web page.
If the schedule is missed, the presenter will be allowed to present only if hard copies of the presentation are made available to the committee members at the beginning of the meeting during “document distribution” and a PDF, soft copy version of the presentation is made available to the “Web Master” prior to the beginning of the talk.

Jonathan Thatcher, Gigabit Evangelist
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
Director of Engineering, World Wide Packets
PO BOX 141719, Suite B; 12720 E. Nora, Spokane, WA 99214
509-242-9000 X228; Fax 509-242-9001; jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx