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RE: 64/66 control code mapping


You are correct that it necessary for us to transpose the 64/66 proposal to
indicate a direct mapping from the XGMII. In my brief review of the code, it
appears to be a fairly direct mapping from XAUI, which appears to be a
fairly direct mapping of the proposed XGMII. I therefore see a fairly
direction mapping from XGMII to 64/66.


Do you see any reason why we can't have this complete going into the May


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> Subject: 64/66 control code mapping
> Rick Walker,
> I've been looking at your 64b/66b presentation and, in
> particular, looking at your control code mapping. The
> 7-bit line code is specific to encodings from the 8b10b
> XAUI interface. This is an optional interface and may
> not exist between all MAC and PCS layers. When the XAUI
> doesn't exist, what 7-bit line codes should be used?
> Given the protocol stack shown by Brad Booth, I would
> expect that this PCS layer be specified to an XGMII
> and not to an XAUI. Implementations may choose to short-
> cut the conversion from XAUI to XGMII to 64b/66b but
> the specification should assume it communicates to the
> Thanks,
> Ben Brown
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