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RE: Unified PMD vs. Unified PHY


My reading of the timeline presented in the January 2000 intro
indicates that July 2000 marks the acceptance of the last new 
proposal, and I'm compelled to push back on your statement
that brainstorming work is "OVER".

Looking back over the archives, it was at the November meeting
that HARI was introduced, and in January 64b/66b was added. Both
the UniPHY and SLPs proposal were introduced in March.

Clearly a large set of the 802.3ae members are still brainstorming,
and should continue to thrash out the merits of these proposals until
the July vote. There is a lot of work to be done in the meantime and
we'll need the full 3.5 months.

Tom Truman

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Now that the brainstorming phase of the work IS OVER, all of us 
need to do
some soul searching. We have had a year to position our various 

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