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Re: 10 Gigabit EMI


Probably the wall was built by those suboptimal "second order" choices?

Could it be that people were able to hide those suboptimal/wrong
"second order" choices by "convenience based, user friendly" boxes
in the past and now we are hitting the limit of current box design?

Either we invest and investigate how to do a super box design or it is
high time we revisit those "second order" issues and make the right choices
this time.   


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> ...
> It is my opinion that the coding will be an important, but second order
> effect. My opinion is that the rise times are a second order effect. My
> opinion is that the actual bit rate is a second order effect. 
> ...
> > In short, from an implementation perspective, we have a very fundamental
> problem: the way we design systems today as racks of modules with arrays of
> optical transceivers poking out through the EMI enclosure may simply not
> hack it.
> Up to Gig E, we have had the luxury (admittedly, with a fair amount of pain)
> of having a "convenience based, user friendly" box design. With 10 Gig, have
> we finally hit the wall?
> jonathan