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Re: 64/66 control code mapping


Thank you for your refering to my Albuquerque proposal (GENIE), 
but I should point out that its application to Optical Cross-Connect 
with all-optical switches is not included in my presentation slides.
It's just an ad-lib picture for our private discussions, and hence
all the other reflector members will not see it until next Ottawa
Meeting :-). 

In brief, it's a simple example of GENIE application; using GENIE 
path-trace signaling as optical fiber 'numbering' in a provider office.

For inter-office connection, we have hundreads of SM fibers that are
terminated by the SM/MM media converters.  We also have hundreads 
of router MM ports to be connected to one of the converters.  
For fiber wiring between these converters and ports, we prefer 
to use an automated all-optical matrix switch (e.g. 1000 x 1000 
mechanical SW), where we need to confirm that the wiring is correct.  
We do not rely on the mechanical SW and hence need to check the 
path-trace 'number' in the IPG.

That's the essense of the 'hidden' picture.

Best Regards,

At 4:17 PM -0800 00.3.15, Rich Taborek wrote:
> c) Synchronization is slow and complex is based on the detection of multiple
> possible control patterns as is the case of supporting other 10 GbE features
> such as Busy Idle, or any similar special control codes which have been proposed
> for supporting all-optical switches ((NTT Albuquerque proposal) or Fibre
> Channel/InfiniBand specific control codes. 

At 11:40 PM -0800 00.3.15, Rich Taborek wrote:
> 1) Supports Mr. Howard Frazier's UniPHY proposal providing direct LAN PHY
> mapping to SONET;
> 2) Supports additional control codes to provide full support of non 10 GbE
> protocols including 10 GFC and InfiniBand;
> 3) Supports extensions to provide direct mapping of a LAN PHY to Optical
> Cross-Connects ala proposals such as those introduced by Mr. Osamu Ishida of NTT
> in Albuquerque;
> 4) Combines (1) and (2) or (3) to provide direct mapping of non 10 GbE protocols
> including 10 GFC and InfiniBand directly to SONET or Optical Cross-Connects in
> the same manner as for 10 GbE.

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