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Re: Fiber Requirements


I have a very simple suggestion:

- Anything inside of a building and less than 100m use 50/125 um 500 MHz.Km 

- For link distance >100m or between building use only single mode fiber with 
potential total BW of >TGb/s.

Alternatively you can install high bandwidth fiber and hopefully you will be 
able to mange existing fiber from new mm high bandwidth fiber.

The total fiber installation is relatively small today.  The biggest cost is the 
initial cost of fiber and the installation.  You would want to install about 
5-10x more fiber than your need, but most of these fiber will be left 
unterminated.  Single mode fiber are the cheapest fiber about 1/3 of the cost of 
standard mm and about 1/20th of the cost of specialty fibers.  A good size 
campus you will be installing several millions meters of fiber.

Today the cost of single mode xcvr is about 75% higher than mm, but at 10 
gigabit the difference will even be less.  Single mode fiber is the only 
solution you can future proof your backbone.    


Ali Ghiasi
Sun Microsystems

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> Subject: Fiber Requirements
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> Gentlemen,
> We're embarking on an RFQ that will involve building a large fiber man.
> We're comfortable with the fiber required for 1G support, however, I'd like
> to ask if anyone could recommend a fiber specification we could build into
> our RFQ that would suffice for 10G ethernet?
> Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated.
> Stephen W. Houdek
> shoudek@xxxxxxxx
> (313) 845-4128
> (313) 845-2491