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Re: XAUI/XGXS protocol


I'm confused.  I will list what I think I've heard.  Please let
me know where I missed something:

 * XGXS/XAUI/XGXS is proposed as an optional XGMII extender.
   That is, XGMII in and XGMII out.

 * The XGXS /A/ character (at least, and maybe others) is not
   a part of XGMII protocol, I believe.  But you are proposing
   leaving it in the data stream, encoding it, and shipping it
   out thru the PMD.

 * Any device at the other end, then, must deal with such
   additional character(s), whether it employs XGXS/XAUI or not.

It seems, at minimum, that the XGMII definition must be expanded
to include any extra characters defined in XGXS/XAUI.  Alternately,
XGXS/XAUI should clean up what extra characters it inserted in 
order to deliver the same data stream it was entrusted to 'extend'.
Otherwise, this is like Microsoft's integrating their browser with
Windows -- all of a sudden you get it whether you want it or not.  
Am I wrong?  Please help me understand.


> I view XAUI as being a very prevalent 10 GbE interface, 
> perhaps not as prevalent as the serial side of the GbE 
> Ten-Bit-Interface. Barring no other complete and workable 
> XAUI/XGXS proposals that meet the requirements of an 
> optional XGMII extender, my view is that the PCS should 
> accommodate the optional XGMII extender as well as operate 
> properly without one.
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