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RE: PAM-5, what are your BERs ?


thanks for better clarity, and i agree completely.  i see little reason to compel
anyone to choose one technology over another.  standards bodies are more
concerned with answering the question 'can it be done?'.
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At 08:34 AM 01-03-2000 -0800, JR Rivers wrote:
>During the course of these discussions, I've seen people use "hard to do in
>CMOS" as a reason to reject a proposal.  
>I'm not trying to say that someone couldn't/shouldn't build a 10GbE
>transceiver in CMOS; however, I am questioning the REQUIREMENT that it be
>built in CMOS at standardization.  I've been working on Ethernet products
>for quite a long time, and every signalling technology has started off with
>some non-CMOS implementation and eventually been reduced to CMOS.